Books About Silver

Silver is often associated with preciousness, wealth and value. It has been used for a variety of purposes throughout history, from currency to jewelry. But did you know that there have been many books written about silver? From the stories of its discovery to tales of those who hunted it down – these books offer fascinating insights into this captivating metal.

From ancient mythology to modern science fiction, each book offers something special and provides an engaging look at how silver has shaped our world today. Whether you are looking for knowledge or entertainment, these books can provide both!

So if you want to learn more about one of the oldest metals known to man, then why not pick up one (or all!) of these great reads?

History Of Silver Books

Silver has been a precious metal covered for centuries, and its use in jewelry and currency is well-known. But many people don’t know that there are books dedicated to telling the history of silver’s rise. These books provide an interesting narrative about how silver mining, refining, and trade developed over time.

The first book devoted to this topic was written by Robert Wallace in 1831. It covers the story of silver from ancient times up until then, detailing where it came from throughout Europe and Asia as well as explaining the various processes involved in extracting it from ore. Other authors have since built on these ideas by discussing more recent developments such as industrialization and globalization which have impacted both production and trading practices related to silver. Today, these works offer a unique insight into our past relationship with this valuable resource.

Popular Silver Books

The second popular silver book on the list is The Metal Men of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This science-fiction novel follows protagonist Ulysses Paxton as he travels to Mars and discovers a world of metal men, who are robots made from precious metals like gold and silver. It’s an exciting tale with plenty of action, adventure and suspense that will keep readers engaged throughout the story.

Next up is Silver: A History in Pictures by Thomas Buechner. As its title implies, this non-fiction book offers a comprehensive history of silver through photographs, illustrations and text. Readers can learn all about how humans have used silver over time, including in jewelry or coins, for medicinal purposes and even as currency. The insightful content paired with stunning visuals makes this an interesting read for those interested in the long-standing use of this metal throughout different cultures around the globe.

From fiction to non-fiction and everything in between, these two books cover many aspects of silver – both historical and modern – and make great additions to any library or home collection.

Silver Books For Kids

The third category of silver books is those written specifically for children. These stories are designed to teach young readers about the properties and history of silver, while also providing them with a fun story they can enjoy. Silver books for kids often feature characters made out of silver or that have something to do with it in some way. They may include fantastical tales set in magical realms where silver has special powers, as well as more realistic stories grounded in our world’s history and culture.

These books provide an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to engage their students on the topic of silver, allowing them to explore its many applications from a safe distance. With both fiction and non-fiction options available, these stories give kids the chance to learn about this precious metal through engaging narratives that bring the material alive beyond what textbooks can offer.